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Woah man, did I say that? I am your friend kim right? Oh, maybe there are others...hmmm...

I once had the puke flu when my son was 20 months old and I was 4 months preggers, and hubby was out of town on business; crapping on the toilet, puking in a bowl, and holding a crying toddler on my lap at 4 was awesome. Yeah, I would say your 2010 will get better. It just has to.

Claire Gutschow

The smart advice was from my other friend Kim - she too is wise and funny. Hmm, mental note to call my next child Kim (assuming I have another child which is doubtful since the first one has turned me into a raging lunatic). Maybe Ill just call my next puppy Kim instead. Although my current dog eats christmas trees so I dont think I can handle another one of those either. Oh well, its the thought that counts...

Velma Botha

At least you have not lost your sense of humour in 2010. That bodes well for a good year. Great blog - going to be your most avid follower.
We just got home from the otter & our key is stuck in the front door - not the best idea. so am busy googling ' key stuck in lock'


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